About Us



CAMS brings together a diverse group of experts from industry, academia, and the scientific community to produce sound data and analysis that can be used to inform emissions reduction efforts, regulations and policy development.

Who we are

The Collaboratory to Advance Methane Science (CAMS) is an industry-led collaborative research consortium working to advance methane science to better understand global methane emissions and the need for additional solutions. GTI will serve as the program administrator for the effort with initial participants from leading energy companies Cheniere, Chevron, Equinor, ExxonMobil and Pioneer Natural Resources, and plans to expand participation to include other companies from across the natural gas value chain.

What we do

CAMS will pursue scientific studies addressing methane emissions along the entire natural gas value chain, from production through end use. Studies will focus on detection, measurement and quantification of methane emissions with the goal of finding opportunities for reduction.

What our process is

CAMS will identify priority areas of research with input from the program members as well as an independent Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). CAMS will release RFPs for scientific studies to be funded by the program to ensure a competitive solicitation process. The proposals will be reviewed and vetted by a technical committee as well as by the SAB. Once a project is selected, GTI will contract with the awarded organization and will provide overall project management.

How we communicate results

The research funded under the program will be published in peer reviewed scientific journals. The goal is to provide scientifically rigorous information to operators, government agencies, academia, industry organizations and other stakeholders to advance methane emissions research.