Benefits of Joining CAMS

Filling in the gaps in scientific knowledge to better characterize and understand emissions is foundational to creating the best possible mitigation strategies. But the work to advance methane science and to develop solutions is expensive. Taking a unified approach as an industry avoids the pitfalls of redundancy, wasted resources, and failure to move quickly enough.

The work underway with CAMS will not only address these long-term objectives of our industry to advance science, but also will provide actionable datasets to better inform mitigation strategies in the short term.

  • Unified industry approach to mitigating emissions and reducing GHG footprint
  • Enhanced customer relations by demonstrating actions that are transparent
  • Improving investor relations and ESG ratings through defensible demonstration of emission reduction research
  • Engaging the scientific community, informing regulators, and advancing our understanding of methane emissions
  • Six-fold return on investment from pooling resources and working collaboratively

CAMS is open to other industry members who share a commitment to advancing methane science in the public domain. 

Become a CAMS member

The collaborative is welcoming new members from around the world. Companies from the natural gas and oil industry worldwide are invited to join in as we improve environmental performance. Contact us to learn more about membership.