Why is the industry doing this now?
The natural gas and oil industry has a long-standing commitment to understanding and continuously improving its environmental performance based upon scientific knowledge. Decades of prior collaborations have resulted in an improved understanding of emissions. CAMS will build on this success to continue to advance the science around methane emissions.

Is this program aimed at reducing regulations?
The goal of CAMS is to advance science, it is not aimed to reduce regulation. Industry has long supported data-based, cost-effective regulation. Findings from CAMS studies could support regulatory analysis in the future.

How will findings be shared?
Projects will be led by researchers from leading academic institutions and private consultants. Results will be published in peer reviewed journals.

Are there third parties involved?
The participating companies have committed to an external scientific advisory board (SAB) comprising of independent leaders in relevant research fields. The SAB will provide feedback on research plans and help to ensure high quality research projects. The scientific advisory board members will be selected based on relevant experience.

Who runs the program?
GTI Energy will administer the program, the research projects and manage fiscal elements. Each research project will have input from members, be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board and executed by leading researchers and academic institutions.

Why is this research focused on methane?
Methane is the second most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and is an important target for emissions reductions to minimize our impact to the environment. Reducing methane will also have positive effects on reducing coincidentally emitted VOCs which are precursors to ozone and photochemical smog formation.

Is this program targeting a specific portion of the value chain?
CAMS will to look for opportunities to advance the science around all portions of the natural gas value chain.

Can new companies join?
Yes. CAMS is open to other industry members who share a commitment to advancing methane science in the public domain.

Where is funding for the program coming from?
Initially, funding will be provided by the founding participating companies. In the future we hope to also leverage funding opportunities from others such as federal and state research programs and additional companies who wish to join. In addition, participating companies may provide data or site access to support research programs.